The Train Now Departing.....

At last, we have launched the website. It has felt like its been a long time coming however we are now here. The first 4 products have been launched Double Relay Cabinet Single Relay Cabinet IP65 Relay Cabinet Metal Style Dustbin

There is a lot more in the pipeline, the next items that we plan to launch is Concrete Cable Trunking which will include open sections and T junctions sections. Keep your eyes open for more details.

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Today, we have started to expand our range of OO Gauge 1:76 items in the shop due to customer requests for these. We started out specialising in N Gauge however the demand of OO Gauge is such that we

More Items ready in the shop

We have been busy preparing more items to launch. This time we have Chimney Pots, Outside Litter Bins, Bollards and GWR Bench Ends. The Chimney Pots and Bollards are available in different styles. Che