N Gauge 1:148 Postboxes - Pack of 4

N Gauge 1:148 Postboxes - Pack of 4

N Gauge 1:148 Post Boxes - Pack of 4


There are 3 different types of Post Boxes on offer. There is the standard Pillar Post Box, the small Post Box that can be either mounted on a pole or recessed into a building and finally we have the Parcel Post Box which is a recent addition to the street so that that you can post parcels of a certain size rather than having to take them to the Post Office.


These items have the ER Royal Cypher on them and are printed in red resin so reduce the amount of additional work required.  Additionally, the Parcel Post Box has the the grey parcel shute added which has been printed in grey resin.  That part has already been fixed into place for you.  Another little extra to save you time and effort.


We have included some CAD images this time so you can see the amount of detail there is in these items. People who have seen the pre production models said they felt the detail was the best on the market.  We hope you agree.