N Gauge 1:148 Chimney Pots - Pack of 12

N Gauge 1:148 Chimney Pots - Pack of 12

N Gauge 1:148 Chimney Pots - Pack of 12

These Chimney Pots come in several different varieties as well as 3 different heights.  The 3 heights are Standard 4.7mm, XL 5.7mm and XXL 6.7mm.  They also have a square lug at the bottom that allows them to fit neatly into our Chimney Stacks which can be found in our shop. The lug can also be snipped off if you need the pot to have a flat base. The different varieties are Louvre with Crown, Louvre, Round with Crown, Round, Round with Tee Top and Square. The width at the widest point is 2.2mm

Dispatch time is up to 2 working days as these items are printed to order so we have had to add additional time to our normal dispatch times.

As with all of our items, these items are printed on our 4K resin printer and we have also done test prints including calibration test to make sure that we can supply you with the quality you have come to expect from Mac's Models.


The images you see on this listing are the actual items you will receive apart from CAD images we might include to highlight the level of detail in the prints, we will never show you a picture of the items that have had additional work done to them to finish them off.  We believe that the images should only ever be what you are buying.

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